“Vision for Kids” At Home Science Experiments with Professor Sarah Raskin

Teacher and parents: Are you looking for some online material to help keep your students engaged during the school day? Trinity College Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Sarah Raskin, is sending in how-to videos for science experiments that can be done at home with very few household materials.

In the video above, Sarah talks about vision and how your brain deals with visual information coming in from your eyes. The first experiment in this video uses a single sheet of paper to put a hole in your hand (don’t worry, it’s not a real one). Spoiler alert: this is how 3D movies work to trick your eyes. See this experiment and other vision experiments in the video above.

CHER welcomes feedback and suggestions on future educational videos for kids. Submit your ideas to Erica.Crowley@trincoll.edu. See also our recent blog posts, Free Storytime Read Alouds with Trinity Students, Send Thank You Cards to Health Care Workers in Hartford, and Online Learning and Reducing the Digital Divide During School Shutdown.