Trinfo.Café and Organized Parents Make a Difference (OPMAD) Summer Programming Begins

Kayla Betts ’22, a Trinfo.Café student worker, teaches OPMAD summer program participants how to use Adobe Spark.

Trinfo.Café staff Suzanne Carpe ‘22, Kayla Betts ‘21 and Silvia Nunez ‘21 create and teach the program’s summer curriculum with Trinfo’s Program Manager Arianna Basche.

History meets technology at the Organized Parents Make a Difference (OPMAD) Summer Fun Program. Here, students are “traveling through time,” exploring different eras, from the 50’s to the 2000’s. Trinfo.Café gives students a chance to use technology and media to present and share their new knowledge.

Trinity College student workers at Trinfo.Café create and teach the summer curriculum with the community organization OPMAD (Organized Parents Make a Difference), a grassroots organization founded by parents of children in Hartford Public Schools to broaden the experiences and interests of their students and provide them with adult role-models. Today, Trinfo.Café student workers staff summer and after school programs, helping to significantly broaden the capacity of the organization.

In the photo right, the younger student participants in the summer program select the decade that they will research from co-teacher Suzanne Carpe ’22. By the end of the 4-week program, they will have created a presentable web page about the decade they selected. 

Co-teacher Kayla Betts ’22 started her first lesson of the summer with an introduction in Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a media creation application that is used to transform information and ideas into visuals, all while incorporating a variety of elements (such as videos or music) and being able to publish it to the web. This is Kayla’s third semester working with OPMAD, but it’s the first time she’s taught Adobe Spark. Reflecting on her experience, she says,

It is very rewarding to create a lesson plan and see what works and how we can improve either the curriculum or the way we present the information; it has to work for the specific group of students we have each time.” – Kayla Betts ’21

Check out an in-progress Adobe Spark Page by student Kamryn who is researching the 1960’s. 1960's

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