Student Pathways

At Trinity, there are many opportunities for getting involved in Hartford through community learning, whether you are just arriving on campus or have been here for a few years. We offer ways to take action in the Hartford community by partnering with local people and organizations to address real issues through courses and research opportunities. Below you can explore several different pathways to connect your academic work at Trinity with community concerns in Hartford.

In the Community Action Gateway, learn how to create community change with community activists, neighborhood organizers, government leaders, non-profit directors, journalists, and social entepreneurs in Hartford.

Take Community Learning courses that connect your academic learning with on-the-ground projects done in partnership with Hartford organizations.

In Community Service and Civic Engagement you can volunteer regularly with local organizations and/or for one-time events by checking out the variety of opportunities available through this office.

With a Community Action minor you will create a professional portfolio of social justice and community-oriented work which combines community learning courses and a culminating research or internship project to prepare you for future educational and career experiences including community-based research, public policy, and non-profit organizing and advocacy.

Internships– Gain invaluable on-the-job experience by working with a local organization. Students can receive course credit for their fall, spring, and summer internships. Summer interns can apply for Catalyst funding.

In the Liberal Arts Action Lab you can work collaboratively at our downtown campus with a team of students, faculty, and community partners to research and develop solutions on local problems. See examples of past Action Lab Projects at

As a Community Learning Research Fellow you will partner with a community organization for your capstone project to use this research experience as a way to create social change in Hartford. View examples of past projects in the archive here.

In the Public Humanities Collaborative you can spend 15 hours per week during 10 weeks of your summer to work with faculty members and public humanities community partners on public humanities projects such as exhibits, oral histories, websites, and more.

At Trinfo.Café you can engage in work study, volunteer, and credit-bearing opportunities that include teaching adult computer literacy in English and Spanish, developing and teaching youth programming at Trinfo and local public schools, and urban farming with Hartford residents in Trinfo’s Community Garden.

Research Grants – Apply for the Levy (urban studies), Grossman (global studies), or Davis Projects for Peace (summer only) grants available through the Center for Urban and Global Studies to fund your community-based research projects.

Whether you decide to start pursuing Community Action research as a first-year student or want to get involved as a senior, there are many ways to be involved with the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research during your time at Trinity. If you are interested in enacting social justice work, putting your classroom learning into practice, or exploring Hartford more, get in touch with us. We would love to talk to you more about how you can get involved.