Sheff Movement Design Challenge – Sat., October 22, 2016


On October 22, the Sheff Movement will host a design challenge to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sheff v. O’Neill decision. This event is meant to promote meaningful public discourse and engagement that will ultimately strengthen Greater Hartford’s ongoing efforts to address racial and socioeconomic isolation and related inequities.

This conference aims to: 1) engage community members in a forward-looking process of generating new ideas for the Sheff plaintiffs, the state, and the city; 2) help our coalition envision a community-informed plan to meaningfully advance the goal of quality integrated education over the next three to five years; and 3) inspire innovation, alignment, and collaboration.

Date: October 22, 2016
Time: 9am-4pm (reception to follow)
Where: Hartford Public Library, Center for Contemporary Culture (get directions using Google maps)

Register here. More information below and at the Sheff Movement.


Basic Details of Our #improvesheff Design Challenge Conference

A “design challenge” is an event where participants learn the process of design thinking while applying its methodology to a specific question.

We believe design thinking offers a valuable framework for helping us assess Sheff’s progress, figure out what is (and is not) working well, identify and respond to unmet needs, and work in collaboration with partners to help us advance our ultimate goal of quality integrated education for all. We need to know how we might improve our efforts and accelerate our progress, and what needs to happen in order to provide students and families a fair, coordinated, and sustainable education system that embraces quality integrated education as a guiding principle.

The focus of the Sheff Movement’s design challenge (“What are the key ingredients for a fair, coordinated, and sustainable school integration system in the Greater Hartford region?”) will provide students, parents, educators, and other community members dedicated time and space to learn about, reimagine, and contribute to the advancement of quality integrated education. Using this dynamic and engaging process, participants will help:

  • Co-create a vision for achieving quality integrated education for all Hartford’s children
  • Reinvigorate the court-mandated process of providing all Hartford’s children a quality integrated education
  • Generate fresh new ideas, and outline strategies to meaningfully advance the goal of quality integrated education over the next three to five years


Who Should Attend?

Everyone! Our venue can accommodate 150 people (our goal is for 30 teams of 3-7 people to participate). We will invite a broad set of stakeholders—parents/caregivers; students; educators; policymakers; scholars; nonprofit, community, and business leaders; artists; advocates; school designers; and public education supporters—to lend their voice, creativity, and determination to this challenge.



Register as an individual or as a team. Individual attendees will work together in teams based on their identified interests.


Supporters and Partners:



We hope that we can count on your support! If you are interested in making a financial contribution or exploring a partnership with us, please contact us at