Research Fellows Present Community-Based Research with Hartford Partners

This semester, the Community Learning Research Fellows had the opportunity to collaborate with community partners and faculty sponsors on community-based research projects. During the semester, fellows engaged in Community-Based Research, which emphasizes problem solving and communications skills beyond the mold of traditional academic research. This type of research helps students understand how to engage with the needs of a community, build partnerships with people directly involved, and transform their space to enact social change.

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Symposium Review  

Jitty Sun ‘19 and Faculty Sponsor Glenn Falk

Student researcher Jitty Sun and Professor Stefanie Wong

English Language Learners’ Use of Metacognitive Strategies in Reading Comprehension Tasks: Effects of English Proficiency and Task Language         

Olivia Curreri ‘19 and Faculty Sponsors Dina Anselmi and David Reuman

Student researcher Olivia Curreri and Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney

Effectively Communicating Research on Factors that Affect Abortion Access with NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

Samantha McCarthy ‘21 and Faculty Sponsor Alyson Spurgas

Student researcher Samantha McCarthy and Liz Gustafson, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

This research database Samantha created will be a great tool when we need to pull policies and past legislative efforts in other states. This is information that we can use to support our work when we’re at the state Capitol lobbying or when we’re out organizing and educating the public.” -Liz Gustafson, Organizer at NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

Establishing a Community Business Association Operated by the Southwest and Behind the Rocks Neighborhood Revitalization Zone

Aidan Arnold ‘21 and Faculty Sponsor Serena Laws

Student researcher Aidan Arnold and community partner Kathy Evans, Southwest/Behind the Rocks NRZ.

“I think Aidan was instrumental in progressing the work we’ve been doing on New Britain Avenue. He’s really been dong the research and the groundwork that it takes to build a business association.” -Karolina Kwiecinska, Southwest/Behind the Rocks NRZ

Boosting Oral Vocabulary: The Words Count Program with The Village for Families & Children

Mabel Silva ‘20 and Faculty Sponsor Dan Douglas

Culture in the Classroom: Promoting Bicultural Identity in an ESL Classroom with the Jubilee House

Stefania Ruibal ‘19 and Faculty Sponsor Stefanie Wong

“I was able to get in the community and learn things I wouldn’t be able to learn on campus. I was connecting with people surrounding our campus and I liked being able to build a bridge from Trinity to the Jubilee House.  It’s helped prepare me for getting into the workforce because it’s definitely been a jumping off point for me to be able to communicate with people and reach out to them on my own to create a connection and project.” -Stefania Ruibal ’19

“We really learned that what we do at the Jubilee House, at the House of Bread, and all our work with refugees and immigrants is of interest to college students. These kinds of projects have presented lots of opportunities for further research and discussion it was great to be an established community partner. Stefania reached out and interacted with staff at all levels, our students, and it was really a great experience.” -Andy Tyskiewicz, Education Programs Coordinator, Jubilee House

Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy Writing Center: Resources and Recommendations

Student researcher Vianna Iorio and Associate Director of Community Learning Megan Faver Hartline.

Vianna Iorio ‘19 and Faculty Sponsor Jack Dougherty

Thank you to Community Learning Research Fellows Program Instructor Laura Holt, Associate Director of Community Learning Megan Faver Hartline, Faculty Director of Community Learning Jack Dougherty, Community Consultant James Jeter, and Teaching Assistant Daisuke Katsumata. And of course, we extend a special thank you to the community partners who have contributed to the community-based research projects this semester. Your support, expertise, and willingness to mentor our students are essential components of the Community Learning Research Fellows Program.