MATH/POLS 128: Mathematics and Redistricting with Prof Kyle Evans, Fall 2019

New Course for Fall 2019
MATH/POLS 128: Mathematics and Redistricting
Professor: Kyle Evans on Tu/Th 2:55-4:10pm

Gerrymandering examples from the Wash Post

Are you interested in why our legislative district maps are shaped the way they are?
The shapes continue to be influenced by mathematics and policy and will be back in the limelight following the 2020 U.S. Census and the decennial cycle of redistricting.
This course will investigate the ways in which people are grouped into districts and the impact the shapes and districts have on our elections, elected officials, and representation. Topics will include the mathematics of election forecasting, the U.S. Census, data analysis, redistricting laws and policy, and the geometric analysis of maps. Cross-listed with Political Science, and cross-referenced with Public Policy & Law and Community Learning.

This is also a Community Learning class and students will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with Connecticut legislators and policy makers who have produced and experienced new maps through redistricting cycles in Connecticut.

Note: This course is permission-only.
Interested students: To apply for the class, complete the survey by clicking this link

The deadline to submit the survey is Friday, April 5th by 12 noon.
If you are selected for the class, a PIN will be emailed to you by the end of Sunday, April 7th.