Mutual Aid Hartford Web Mock Up

Hello everyone,

This website serves as a mock-up for Mutual Aid Hartford.

See below for examples of a mock-up map, using Google Maps, and a needs-and-offers page, using Airtable.

With this map, community members can simply click on their neighborhood and find the essential information needed to contact the mutual aid “neighborhood point person” in that area. Those interested in being a neighborhood point person can contact the main Mutual Aid Hartford email ( for more information. As more neighborhood point people become available, the city can be further divided into smaller pods, allowing for community members to access necessities faster. The larger network of Mutual Aid Hartford can manage the interactions between these sectors on an as-needed basis.

Google Maps gives you a few lines of code to paste into the HTML (text) editor section in WordPress or other site.

Example of Needs Form embed

Example of Offers Form

Example of Public Offers Grid View embed