Music, Food, Gardens, and Bees: Curbside Chef’s Harvest Festival with the Green Team

School is back in session, which means Trinfo Cafe and the community garden are a central Trinity and community spot. Last week we hosted the Green Team and Trinfo’s Curbside Chef’s Harvest Festival and welcomed the return of the HMTCA beekeepers at Trinfo Café’s community garden.

With live music from “Me and Friends” and delicious food from Curbside Chef’s Food Truck, Trinity students, staff, faculty, and community members came to eat, listen to the music, walk in the garden, and take a look at the beehive project in the garden if they were brave enough.


In 2015, Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA) instructor Jared Lewis, began teaching a high school course on beekeeping. The beekeeping program is now entering its third year in partnership with Trinfo.Cafe, which houses one of Lewis’ beehive in our community garden. The students in the beehive program have been able to harvest and sell bottles of honey to help raise funds for the project. 

Instructor Jared Lewis says,
“The hope for each group of students is to teach them the basics of beekeeping and how to keep the bees healthy. Then, we teach them how to harvest the honey and sell it. We have students who are really interested in helping with this project and they are harvesting honey and even creating products like our lip balm.” 


The HMTCA students do everything including working in the hives and making the products. They even create a marketing plan. In the future, Jared hopes to build another hive at Trinfo. Our site is being evaluated to see if the footprint of the garden can be altered to accommodate this potential new addition. We’re excited to see what comes next… Check out this full profile of our favorite group of naturalist-entrepreneurs in the Hartford Courant.

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