Matthew Rivera ’20 Named Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellow

Matthew Rivera ’20 and the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) at Trinfo.Café for the 13th Annual Welcome Back to School Cookout. Source: @menofcoloralliance Instagram.

The Center for Hartford Engagement and Research would like to congratulate Matthew Rivera ’20 on being named a Campus Compact 2019-20 Newman Civic Fellow!

The CHER team recommended Matthew, a sociology major, for the leadership in civic engagement he has demonstrated as the co-president of the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA); his work with Dreams Empower CT and its Ice Cream for a Dream program; and his work to promote Lime bike-sharing with the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement.

As a Latinx first-generation college student from New York City, Matthew has made an impact on Trinity College’s long-standing community engagements with Hartford residents and organizations. His approach to leadership encourages fellow students to grow stronger together inside the campus by forging relationships outside the campus… Matthew impresses us with his intelligence, maturity and developing sense of leadership, which focuses on “changing the culture” through collective action and community engagement.” – President Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Trinity College

Matthew has been a student leader deeply committed to social change during his time at Trinity. He has put time into understanding the root causes of social issues and has contributed to bridging Trinity with communities across Hartford. As part of this work, Matthew has shown a deep commitment to creating spaces for human connection and asking people about their dreams, such as the Ice Cream for a Dream program.  Matthew’s understanding of shared leadership and building organizations for social change has created a strong foundation for the work of MOCA and Dreams Empower CT to live on beyond his graduation. 

Through my work with MOCA (Men of Color Alliance) I learned that community service is much more than just service and giving back and often times the value in community service lies beyond what is tangible. As we prepare for these community service trips we remind ourselves that although we are there to serve,  we must show that we value the people that we are serving by engaging in conversation and learning more about them. We carry this precedent at any and all events that we are apart of because we love our community and want to show each person the love that we have for them on a personal level. – Matthew Rivera ’20

Congratulations again to Matthew and we look forward to seeing the work continue! You have been a force at Trinity in growing new leaders both on and off campus.

View Matthew’s profile on the Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellows page here.