HMTCA-Trinity Partnership Welcomes New Summer Science Director Dr. Martina McCrory

Every year, Trinity College hosts the HMTCA 10th grade Summer Science Academy. Funded by a National Science Foundation grant (NSF-TEU), the program features a national group of undergraduate students majoring in science as teachers for the HMTCA classes.

This year, the summer program will feature a veteran teacher in a new role. Previously serving as an HMTCA science teacher and summer mentor, Martina “Doc” McCrory, Ph.D., will lead as the Director of Science Education for Summer Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates Program, which will run from June 3rd to July 19th.

In this new role, Dr. McCrory will teach the science pedagogy course and will be the direct supervisor for undergraduate interns and mentor teachers for the NSF-TEU and HMTCA science program. Her knowledge about science, teaching skills, and enthusiasm is a major addition to the HMTCA and NSF/TEU summer science summer program at Trinity.

Bio: Martina “Doc” McCrory, Ph.D.

Dr. Martina McCrory is a seventeen-year veteran science teacher who began teaching in the New Haven Public School System in 2002. Prior to her tenure as a secondary educator, she taught collegiate level chemistry and participated in academic research at Dillard University and Spelman College.  She is currently a teacher at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, where she teaches Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Early College Experience (ECE) Chemistry.  Martina is the Junior Class advisor and has served as National Honor Society Committee Member and as mentor teacher. Martina earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Physical Organic Chemistry from The University of Mississippi, and has a Sixth-Year Degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University. She is an active member of her church family in which she teaches the Pre-K classes and serves on the Youth, Marriage, and Media ministries.  Martina was also honored in 2010 when she was named the Early College Academy of Columbus Teacher of the Year.