HMTCA Students Begin Work at Trinity College

Classes began today for Trinity College students and for several students that attend the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Trinity Academy (HMTCA). As part of a unique partnership agreement between the Hartford Public Schools and Trinity College, HMTCA students can apply to take introductory courses at Trinity during their senior year.

Because HMTCA is an interdistrict magnet school, roughly half the students reside in the City of Hartford and half in its suburbs. Last year, 22 students from HMTCA enrolled in Trinity College courses in math, English, music, psychology, and others. This fall, 21 students will also take classes. These students get support from staff at HMTCA and Trinity faculty.


The idea is that by taking a class at Trinity, HMTCA students can earn course credit and begin the transition from high school to college. You might hear these types of high school/college partnerships described as “early college” programs. This program is slightly different than most because HMTCA students can earn Trinity credit, but not high school credit at the same time as in other programs. In addition to the college course aspect of the partnership, nearly all HMTCA seniors take their high school English or Capstone class on Trinity’s campus.

Before classes began, HMTCA students participated in an orientation and a tour of campus last Friday. School counselors Sonia Tamburro (in photo on left) and Hannah Kaizer (in photo on right) and Director of Urban Educational Initiatives, Robert Cotto, led the orientation and tour.

We hope they have a great semester at Trinity!