Trinfo Café Donates Refurbished Laptops to Students at HMTCA

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of everyday life are now more challenging. Over the last few weeks, students in public schools have moved from in-person, physical learning to different kinds of online class. This move online has added new difficulties to learning for students and families.

At this difficult time, Trinfo Café recently refurbished and donated laptops to schoolchildren in a variety of Hartford schools, including a donation of twenty-five laptops to partner school, Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA). These laptops will be used by HMTCA students that still need a device to connect to online learning.

While HMTCA is only steps away from Trinfo Cafe, the delivery took a team effort. On the Trinity side, Trinfo Cafe Director Carlos Espinosa and Program Manager Arianna Basche (top right) helped to deliver the laptops safely. And Principal Julie Goldstein, Holly Heller (top left), Sherrille Payne (bottom right), and Juan Medina helped receive and prepare the laptops at HMTCA.

The next few months will be challenging for everybody, including HMTCA and Trinity College students, faculty & staff, and parents. So we hope to continue to working together with our students, faculty and staff, partners, and home city during this difficult time.