Hartford Hip Hop Digital Stories Wins CT League of History Organizations Award

Congratulations to the Hip Hop Digital Stories Team! The Connecticut League of History Organizations (CHLO) has granted an Award of Merit to the Hartford Hip Hop Digital Stories project.

Trinity College students Cody Maldonado ’20 and Yasmin Affey ’19 with Hartford Hip Hop Pioneer Rick Torres.

The Hip Hop Digital Stories archive was created through a partnership between Trinity College Professor Seth Markle’s INTS 344 Global Hip Hop Cultures Community Learning course and community partner (and Trinity Alum) Jasmin Agosto at the Hartford History Center.

Students received training in digital tools such as Audacity as a part of their coursework and training to create digital stories with Hartford Hip Hop Pioneers.


INTS 344 Global Hip Hop Cultures is a Trinity College seminar course that explores the link between hip hop, youth identity formation, and politics. For the Community Learning component of the course, students were introduced to hip hop through an oral history and digital storytelling based curriculum where they created videos with Hartford Hip Hop pioneers of the 1980s and 1990s.

When deciding on the award, a CLHO board member said, “these are the kinds of programs we need more of…” We agree!

You can learn more about the Global Hip Hop cultures course here and in the video below. Also, you can view the full set of digital stories that students created on the Hartford History Center’s playlist here.

Trinity College Professor Seth Markle and students in his INTS 344 Global Hip Hop Cultures reflect on their experience in creating videos with Hartford Hip Hop Pioneers of the 1980s and 1990s. Filmed in Feb 2018.

Professor Seth Markle said, “This course was more than about getting a grade. This was about making a contribution to the community through this digital archive that they created. It was challenging, but in talking to them I think they were able to see a side of Hartford they were never exposed to or knew about… they really understood the importance of the project.”

Please join us and the Hip Hop Digital Stories team in celebrating the CLHO awards on Tuesday, April 16, 5pm at the Mark Twain House for a free awards ceremony.

** If you are a community partner interested in partnering with Trinity College, please contact CHER Communications & Data Assistant erica.crowley@trincoll.edu. If you are a faculty member interested in adding a Community Learning component to one of your courses, please contact Community Learning Director Megan.Hartline@trincoll.edu.