Growing During Covid: Urban Farming in Hartford

Growing During Covid is a story that combines photos and writing on farming in Hartford during the pandemic. As sales outlets for farmers, like restaurants and farmers’ markets, have closed, many farmers are struggling.
At the same time, farming offers solutions to some of the most pressing problems presented by the pandemic. Local farms provide an alternative to depleted and crowded grocery stores and provide much needed nutrition to struggling families. We intend for this story to show the Trinity and Hartford communities that farmers need their support right now and also that they too can turn to growing for mental and physical healing. Even if we can’t be in community with each other, we can commune with the earth at this time and in doing so we feed ourselves, feed our souls, feed each other, and strengthen our community.

Growing During Covid-19

About the Authors: Gabby Nelson is the program coordinator at the Center for Urban and Global Studies and a graduate student in public policy at Trinity. She grows cut flowers at KNOX’s urban farm in Hartford. Adyanna Odom ’23 is a lifelong urban gardener and will intern in Summer 2020 with the Hartford organization Summer of Solutions, a youth-run, non-profit organization that focuses on urban gardening and youth leadership.

Copyrighted by Gabby Nelson and Adyanna Odom. Editorial assistance provided by Gabby Nelson and Erica Crowley. This work is part of the “Telling Our Covid Stories” project by the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) at Trinity College.

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