Make Your Own Thank You Cards for Hartford-Area Grocery Stores

At this point into the Covid pandemic, even weekly trips to the grocery store can be incredibly stressful. So many of us are doing all we can to take care of our families and our communities, and with the backdrop of a pandemic, it’s tiring to say the least. Essential workers at grocery stores are putting themselves on the front lines every day to make sure we are fed, which is no small task. To continue our work finding creative ways for people to stay civically engaged, we decided to invite Trinity students to put together a template so folks can mail thank you cards to Hartford-area grocery stores. Thank you to Archana Adikhari ’22 for compiling this template, and to Alex Chambers ’22 (and siblings) for getting putting together the first cards to go in the mail!

We encourage you to use the template below to send cards to Hartford area grocery stores, or to grocery stores in your community. We also welcome additions and corrections to this list, which can be emailed to

If you are ready to create and send out your cards, great! Be sure to post your cards on social media and tag @trincollcher before you place them in the mail.

Sample messages:
  1. It’s people like you who are helping everyone get through this. Thank you for showing up each day.
  2. Thank you so much for supplying groceries and feeding us even in this time of crisis. We all acknowledge your contribution in making our community a feasible place to live. We are grateful to you for supporting us and our community even during this pandemic. 
  3. At this time of epidemic, opening grocery stores and supplying food to our community is heroic. We salute your courageous soul to be there for people and community before yourself. 
  4. You’re helping to keep us all nourished and fed, and that isn’t going unnoticed. We realize how hard you’re working, and just want to say thank you!
  5. Food is an essential supply for the human body. If grocery stores were not open, then we had to face misfortunes due to food shortage more than this pandemic. We appreciate your contribution in keeping us and this Hartford community alive during these hard times.
  6. Thank you for feeding us — we are so grafeul. You are the reason this community can keep functioning. We all are sending love, light, and blessings to you and your family. We hope these blessings of thousands of people out here will keep your family away from any difficulties.


Hartford-area Grocery Stores and Mailing Addresses:


Stop and Shop

150 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT, 06106



511 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT


CTown Supermarket

1744 Park St, Hartford, CT, 06106


CTown Supermarket

394 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT, 06106


CTown Supermarket

442 Main St, East Hartford, CT, 06118


CTown Supermarkets

165 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, CT, 06114


The Greenway Market

71 Asylum St, Hartford, CT, 06103


D&D Supermarket

179 Mather St, Hartford, CT, 06120


Hartford Foodmart

915 Main St, Hartford, CT, 06103


Five Star Farmers Market

475 Flatbush  Ave, Hartford, CT. 06106


Bravo Supermarkets

685 Maple Ave, Hartford, CT, 06114


Bravo Supermarkets

1291 Albany Ave, West Hartford, CT, 06112



480 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT, 06110


Price Rite of W. Hartford

983 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT, 06110


Royal Indian Grocery

560 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT, 06110


A Dong Supermarket

160 Shield St, West Hartford, CT, 06110


Athemy Supermarket

3 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, CT, 06114

+1 8605489616


Albany Grocery Store

1160 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT, 06112


Viva Mexico Grocery Store

624 Park St #1, Hartford, CT, 06106

Author bio: Archana Adikhari is a sophomore at Trinity College, from Nepal, who is always up for any type of community involvement. Archana is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Writing, Rhetoric, and, Media Studies.

CHER encourages remote volunteering. See recent CHER News posts about staying safe while being civically engaged during Covid 19. If people choose in-person volunteering, exercise caution and follow social distancing guidelines for your location from the CDC or the State of Connecticut (see also CT FAQ sheet) or Trinity College Advisories.