From Our Hearts | #beautyintheageofCOVID

I daresay that anyone who sees a heart on the front door or window of a house, automatically thinks of nurses, doctors, and all healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current use of the heart as a public symbol of support for healthcare workers—and every other person who goes out to ensure continuity of life and deemed essential by extension—is recognizable everywhere. It’s an international manifestation of gratitude.

I started taking photos of front doors and windows displaying heart(s) in support of #heartsforhealthcareworkers on April 7. I have since captured over 130 photographs documenting West Hartford. This show of gratitude comes in all colours and designs through simple single hearts to more elaborate art projects: hearts hand-drawn and cut, mass-produced and commercially available products, unique artisanal items, and sculpture pieces.

The following photographs are part of a larger documentary photography project, From Our Hearts | #beautyintheageofCOVID.


About the author, Maria Tuckler: “In mid-March, when the world seemed to turn upside down and our lives would suddenly shrink to our immediate surroundings, I knew I would need an outlet to help me deal with the pandemic. I decided that I’d marry running with photography. I started documenting life (ironic eh) around me captured during my breaks from WFH. On my daily runs, walks, and bike rides, I go out in search of what I see as new and/or different in my neighbourhood and town. And to document the ways through which kids and adults are communicating with others outside of the matrix. I have photographed West Hartford Centre and its surrounding streets.”

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