Trinity Employees Work at Camp Courant for Do-It Day

For the past 21 years, Trinity College’s Office of Community Service & Civic Engagement has hosted “Do-It Day,” a full day of service on a Saturday early in September. Hundreds of student athletes and members of student service groups go out to local organizations to complete projects in parks, arts organizations, non-profits, and more. The purpose of Do-It Day is to strengthen relationships between Trinity and Hartford area organizations. This year, Trinity hosted its first Employee Do-It Day to coincide with the annual Do-It Day. Trinity employees were invited to volunteer alongside their colleagues at Camp Courant, a free summer day camp for children in the Hartford area. In total, 33 Trinity employees spent a warm and sunny morning getting moving– Camp Courant had a number of outdoor beautification projects lined up to help prepare for their annual Buddy Bash fundraiser.

One of the organizers of the event was Andrew Concatelli (pictured right), a member of the planning committee representing the Exempt Staff Council. Andrew said,

“It was great to see faculty, staff, and administrators from all corners of campus working together to help Camp Courant prepare for its Buddy Bash fundraising event the following weekend. Employeevolunteers had the chance to get to know each other better while supporting a good cause and enjoying a beautiful day at the camp.” – Andrew Concatelli, Exempt Staff Council 

The participants included a range of faculty, staff, and administrators, including our own Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney. We also spotted more than a few familiar faces from the CHER team and advisory board: Assistant Director of Community Service and Civic Engagement Beatrice Alicea, Trinfo.Café Director Carlos Espinosa, CHER Advisory Board and faculty member Aidali Aponte-Aviles, Liberal Arts Action Lab’s Morgan Finn, and others.

“Beautiful scenery, a great cause, and awesome people—we couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural Employee Do-It Day! This event gave us the opportunity to connect with one another and finally put a “face to an email,”all while supporting the amazing work that the team at Camp Courant’s doing. I will definitely be attending next year, and hope to see more folks from the Trinity community there, too. Shout out to Carlos Espinosa and Andrew Concatelli for all of their work in organizing this!” – Morgan Finn, Liberal Arts Action Lab


Photo by Jo-Ann Jee

Overall, September 7th marked a full day of Trinity students, faculty, staff, and administrators getting out in the Hartford area to volunteer thanks to the planning committee: Carlos Espinosa, Joe Barber, Andrew Concatelli, Alexandra Fischbein, and Janine Kinel. Thank you to the Non-Exempt Staff Council (NESC), the Exempt Staff Council (ESC), the Office of the Dean of Faculty, the Office of the President, and Human Resources for organizing this event.