Community Service and Civic Engagement Student Staff

Adyanna Odom ’23
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Major: International Studies
Office Position: Office of Community Service Office Staff
Time in Office: One year
Favorite Event: Hands on Hartford Backpack Nutrition Program
What type of potato are you? “I am a loaded baked potato with no meat.”



Ananya Ravishankar ’21
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Major: Philosophy
Minor: Classical Studies
Office Position: President of Habitat for Humanity
Time in Office: 4 years volunteering, 1 year working
Favorite Event: Habitat Spring Break – you get to meet other people, explore a new city, and get to do all kinds of different construction work!
What type of potato are you? “Curly fry – I’m just like a regular fry (person) but a little weirder for no reason, and with scoliosis.”


Brooke Agro ‘22
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Major(s): Psychology and Film Studies
Office Position: Various tasks for the Fred, Trinity Film Festival, Food Drives, and Dump and Run
Time in the Office: 3 years volunteering, 2 years working
Favorite Event: JELLO – specifically, visiting the Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School and working with the students on how to make the earth happy
What Type of Potato Are You: French Fries. I order them ALL. THE. TIME. Try them with some salt and vinegar and thank me later.



Elizabeth Densen ‘22
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Psychology and English
Office Position: Co-President of ACES
Time in the Office: 3 years!
Favorite Event: Sponsor-a-Snowman: I love that this event allows us to see the love and generosity in our classmates when they choose to give gifts to deserving children and I love knowing that we are able to help these children by taking part in such a small act of kindness.
What Type of Potato Are You: Baked potato: Kind of basic, but reliable. Can always be spiced up for a good time.


Gisselle Hernández ’22
Pronouns: She/ Her/ Ella
Major(s): Educational Studies (Arts Education within Marginalized Communities), Theater & Dance (Performing Arts in the Community)
Office Position: Office Worker
Time in the Office: Since January of 2021
Favorite Event: Seedling Workshop – I am a part of the Garden Guardians of the Multicultural Affairs Council and I was very excited to finally get this project started with the other members of MAC and to learn more about gardening.
What Type of Potato Are You: I would be a Red Gold potato because they are small and round. Just like me.


Gwenhwyfar Sadie ‘21
Pronouns: they/she
Major(s): Music; Sociology
Office Position: Submissions Coordinator & Head of Communications for Trinity Film Festival (TFF) Time in the Office: Been with TFF since I was a freshman, but only started working for the office this semester in my senior spring
Favorite Event: Trinity Film Festival :)
What Type of Potato Are You: Currently very mashed because this year has been a lot, but ideally more like some deliciously spiced hash browns (with onions, peppers, whatever else).



Hanjatiana Nirina Randrianarisoa ‘21
Pronouns: he/ him
Major(s): Economics, Mathematics
Office Position: Trinity Film Festival Student Director
Time in the Office: Friday 9.30 am – 12 pm
Favorite Event: TFF! (ofc)
What Type of Potato Are You: gnocchi (yes gnocchi is a potato and a pasta)


Kyle Fields ‘21
Pronouns: He/him/his
Major(s): Hispanic Studies and International Relations double-major
Minor(s): Music
Office Position: Trinity Homelessness Project President
Time in the Office: 4 years volunteering, 3 years working
Favorite Event: Faces of Homelessness because the Trinity community gets the opportunity to learn from people who have experienced homelessness first-hand. The event is organized in collaboration with Hands on Hartford and is one of our most popular events every semester.
What Type of Potato Are You: I am a stuffed potato because I’m cheesy and have lots of flavors to offer!


Kyré Smith ‘21
Pronouns: Him/His
Major(s): English: Creative Writing, Classical Studies: History
Office Position: Coop Co-Manager
Time in the Office: 2 years Volunteering; 3 years Working
Favorite Event: Dump n’ Run: It’s always fun to run around campus with friends and people you don’t know going through all of the things people leave behind/donate to be resold at the coop. I enjoy the cleaning portion less than the running back and forward.
What Type of Potato Are You: Call me dominos potatoes because I have layers and so do these potatoes.


Michaela Anton ‘22
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Major(s): American Studies; Public Policy & Law
Office Position: Co-President of the Annual Community Events Staff (ACES)
Time in the Office: 3 years volunteering, 2 years working
Favorite Event: Halloween on Vernon—I love being able to interact with the Hartford community, and seeing how much our ACES members enjoy the day after their months of hard work!
What Type of Potato Are You: Potato chip—Classic, can be both sweet and salty, but also easily accessible!



Sara Barrett ‘21
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Major(s): English (Creative Writing) and Educational Studies (Disability Studies)
Office Position: Director of Organization and Design
Time in the Office: 4 years volunteering, 3 years working
Favorite Event: Halloween on Vernon – I love the collaboration of the different groups on campus, getting to know the Hartford community, and seeing the kids in costumes!
What Type of Potato Are You: I am a Hassle Back potato because it seems familiar and comforting but has lots of delicious surprises. 😊


Sara Lambert ‘22
Pronouns: She/Her
Major(s): English Lit
Office Position: President of Amnesty International
Time in the Office: Tuesdays, 10-12
Favorite Event: Write for Rights because writing letters by hand always really emphasizes in my mind that I am getting things done and doing my part to make the world a better place
What Type of Potato Are You: French fries because they are so versatile in how you can eat them and how you can prepare them (what cut, with toppings!, etc.) and I strive to be that flexible and widely enjoyable