The Public Humanities Collaborative will fund up to 16 Trinity undergraduates (with $3500 stipends plus housing) for ten weeks from May 20 to July 26th, 2019. During that time, PHC faculty fellows will mentor a team of 2-4 students who will spend approximately 15 hours per week working with you on your current research project. Students also will spend about 15 hours per week working with a Hartford-area humanities partner on a public humanities project. The faculty scholarship and the public humanities projects may be separate, and faculty members are not required to work directly with Hartford-area humanities partners. All three groups–students, faculty, and partners–will participate in weekly lunchtime workshops on collaborative strategies and digital tools for the humanities. Faculty fellows and community partners will receive modest stipends for mentoring students and participating in weekly workshops.

This might be a good fit for your work, if you need help:

  • Conducting and transcribing oral history interviews
  • Digitizing and translating texts and interviews
  • Curating archival materials and creating a database
  • Creating digital storytelling elements for your current project
  • Designing companion websites for books/articles
  • Analyzing, writing, and presenting scholarly works

Proposals from Faculty Fellows are due by January 31st, 2019 and will include a description of your research project and student researcher needs. Faculty from all departments/programs at Trinity may participate, as long as their scholarship includes a humanistic component. All PHC grants will be awarded by the Faculty Research Committee directly to student applicants, with approval by their faculty mentors, as part of the newly-redesigned Summer Research Programapplication process.

Submit your proposal, and see table of all faculty projects further below.

Faculty Proposals: