Taking Action Remotely: Community Action Gateway Students Finish Spring Projects

This year’s Community Action Gateway students rose to new challenges to finish their partnership projects, meeting needs for Hartford partners while working from their homes across the country. As needs and expectations shifted because of COVID-19, students and partners alike were flexible and willing to take on the challenge of working together across a distant–continuing meetings over Zoom, shifting project plans, and finalizing edits over other collaborative platforms. In the end, students were able to complete digital products–reports, infographics, and flyers–that will be useful for partners as they take on the new and ever-changing needs of their constituents during this time.

Police Accountability with the Permanent Commission on the Status of Hartford Women

Reagan Flynn ’23, Caroline Kilian ’23, Camp Mattison ’23, and Tiana Sharpe ’23 partnered with the Permanent Commission on the Status of Hartford Women to examine how the Commission might continue to work on police accountability measures in Hartford. The team wrote the following report, which provides background research on police union contracts, codes of conduct, and culture and climate reviews.


Hartford Women's Comission Final Report


Youth Digital Storytelling with COMPASS Peacebuilders

Catherine Doyle ’23, Leslie Macedo ’23, Riley Nichols ’23, and Allison Rau ’23 spent the semester researching digital storytelling and social media to create this report for COMPASS Peacebuilders to use in future digital storytelling programming.


Compass Digital Storytelling Guide


Digital Advocacy with the YWCA Sexual Assault Crisis Services

When Makayla Boucher ’23, Micaela Rufus ’23, and Leah Winters ’23 were suddenly unable to plan an on-campus event to share resources from YWCA Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), they pivoted to creating infographics and social media images that SACS can use to stay connected with their clients during this time, especially as domestic and sexual violence have risen since stay-at-home orders began.



Power Mapping on Translation and Interpretation Services within Hartford Public Schools with Make the Road CT

Finally, Addison Cox ’23, Josh Jacoves ’23, Marshall Montner’ 23, and Citallli Rojas Huerta ’23 partnered with Make the Road CT to continue investigating budgets and policies for translation and interpretation services within Hartford Public Schools. One aspect of their work was compiling a power map to identify the different local and state level governmental players in educational funding. For more information on issues of translation and interpretation, you can see their video from fall 2019.

Make the Road Power Map

Across the board, students managed these complex projects with thoughtfulness and dedication, especially considering the personal and societal upheaval that they faced throughout the semester. Congratulations to all the students on completing the Community Action Gateway and showcasing the wide range of work you’ve managed to complete in partnership with Hartford organizations during your first year of college!

In the Community Action Gateway, first-year students learn how to create community change with community activists, neighborhood organizers, government leaders, non-profit directors, journalists, and social entrepreneurs in Hartford. If you have questions about the Gateway, contact Director of Community Learning Megan.Hartline@trincoll.edu.