Community Learning Faculty Fellows (CLiFF)

Each year we invite 6 continuing faculty at Trinity to apply to join the Community Learning Faculty Fellows (CLiFF) program. Fellows will receive a $1,500 stipend to participate in seven meetings during the academic year where they will be introduced to community engagement pedagogy and supported in designing a Community Learning component to be taught in an upcoming course. Eligibility is open faculty who are newer to Community Learning and on tenure-track or renewable appointments. Topics of discussion generally include Community Learning foundations, Trinity in Hartford, building relationships with community partners, designing community learning components, designing reflection, and more.

View examples of past fellows from the 2021-22 CLiFF group here.

At Trinity, we define Community Learning as an experiential component that builds connections between your students, your course, and individuals or organizations in the Hartford area. It involves collaborative partnerships that benefit all parties. Trinity typically offers 20+ Community Learning courses per semester, including offerings from nearly all departments and programs over the last several years.

Apply by Friday Friday June 24th 2022 at 5pm by sending your CLiFF proposal, no more than two pages, via email attachment to Erica Crowley. Be sure to include:

1) Your contact information

2) Your teaching schedule and any pertinent scheduling blocks (department meetings, conferences, other times you will be away) for Fall 2022. This will help me identify meeting times.

3) Identify a course for which you would like to design a Community Learning component, and when you plan to teach it, sometime within the next three semesters. Also include a course description, projected enrollment, types of students (e.g., majors, non-majors; intro or upper-level).

4) What preliminary ideas do you have for integrating Community Learning into this course? How would it deepen student learning and connections with Hartford? Are there community partners you would like to work with? You should brainstorm about potential connections in the Hartford area to the best of your ability, including but not limited to those listed in the database of recent CHER partnerships. I realize many applicants might be newcomers to the area.

5) What kinds of support do you need to achieve your goals above? How can other Trinity faculty and staff help you?

To help you think about how to piece this information together, here are two example proposals from previous fellows: Amanda Guzman (Anthropology and American Studies) and Alex Helberg (Rhetoric and Writing). For more ideas, you can also read about the 2021-22 Community Learning Faculty Fellows here.

Please feel free to contact Erica Crowley (Director of Community Learning) or Abby Williamson (Director of the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research, CHER) with any questions. We will listen and may be able to to connect you with Hartford-area community partners or other faculty and staff who share mutual interests.

If you would like to discuss your preliminary ideas, you can book an introductory Zoom or in-person meeting with Director of Community Learning Erica Crowley here.