Analysis of Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford Schools with Make the Road CT

Rakan Alzhaga ’22, Dasha Maliauskaya ’22, Wendy Salto ’22 and Dr. Megan Faver Hartline with community partners in Make the Road CT: Hartford Community Organizer Mirka Dominguez, Executive Director Barbara Lopez, and parent organizers in Madres Guerreras. Photo reposted from @MaketheRoadCT Twitter.

This semester, a team of Community Action Gateway students worked with Hartford Community Organizer Mirka Dominguez at Make the Road CT to analyze Hartford, West Hartford, and East Hartford School Districts. Make the Road CT “works to support immigrants to be active in their communities and to lift themselves out of poverty through legal and support services, civic engagement, transformative education and policy innovation.”

This semester, Rakan Alzhaga ’22, Dasha Maliauskaya ’22 and Wendy Salto ’22  in Dr. Megan Hartline’s “Building Knowledge for Social Change” course researched schools in Hartford, West Hartford, and East Hartford to answer the question, “How well is your kid’s school doing in educating them?” Students presented these slides for their final presentation in the Digital Scholarship Studio…


They also provided a full analysis report


… As well as a set of infographics that organizers at Make the Road CT will use to engage parents in their parent committee and to show Hartford Board of Education members when they meet with them.

In the Community Action Gateway, first-year students learn how to create community change with community activists, neighborhood organizers, government leaders, non-profit directors, journalists, and social entrepreneurs in Hartford. If you have questions about the Gateway, contact Director of Community Learning