Community Action Gateway Shares Social Change Videos with Hartford Partners

Last week, Community Action Gateway students had dinner and shared their final 1-minute videos they made with five Hartford community partners: the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund, Night Fall, Make the Road CT, Public Allies CT, and the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice. In Community Action, first year students have the opportunity to engage with the City of Hartford through experiential learning projects focused on ways to create social change. 

In Community Action you get to learn about these Hartford stories you wouldn’t typically hear on campus. Once people do community action I know we can’t go back to the bubble and not knowing what’s going on in Hartford. So now I feel lucky when I’m in a class that has a community component.” – Wendy Salto ’22
The discussion solidified for us how Community Action is a pathway for students, faculty, and staff to become a dedicated community committed to social change in Hartford and beyond. The room was filled with community partners, current gateway students and alumni, and CHER team members who reflected on the different ways social change is happening in Hartford and how we tell that story through video. Take a look at our recap of the group’s conversation below.


Katal Center for Health, Equity & Justice: Community Organizing and Building Power

By Riley Nichols ’23, Tiana Sharpe ’23, and Makayla Boucher ’23

I just want to appreciate all the students who are here because this is not a game. These are the lives that we live every single day as residents who live, work or worship in the city of Hartford. And I know you guys are here for four years, but it just shows your commitment to actually disrupting power. And so I’m super grateful” – Kenyatta M. Thompson, Sr. Community Organizer Katal Center

As somebody who wants to continue to learn about nonprofits and community organizers and see how they change the communities around them, working with Katal was just such an inspiring experience. Seeing that change it can start just with a small community conversation, and then go on to change policy and and affect so many people was just really inspiring.” – Makayla Boucher ’23

Night Fall: Community Arts and Performance

By Addison Cox ’23, Catherine Doyle ’23, and Micaela Rufus ’23

They got me thinking about things like, how do we define community? We want you to be part of Hartford when you’re here and I think having a meaningful, active, authentic presence in the city while you’re here is what you all are doing, and that’s why you guys are the kind of students I want to be hanging out with.” – Jennifer Crookes-Carpenter, Night Fall

Make the Road Connecticut: Madres Guerreras – Warrior Mothers

Josh Jacoves ’23, Leslie Macedo ’23, and Citlalli Rojas Huerta ’23

It’s about meeting people where they are in communities where they are. And I think that this is exactly what should be happening consistently all over the place. Relationships, connections…We need to talk more. We need to come together more like this and see how much power we have together. And I like what Joshua was talking about. He was thinking to be thinking at the legislative level and thinking about policy change? And so we talked about, you know, social change begins there because that’s what we need to be thinking about. Here we are. How do we get there? How do we get our places together so that we can’t make change?” -Make the Road CT Hartford

CT Women’s Education & Legal Fund: Legal Education, Public Policy, and Leadership

By Reagan Flynn ’23, Camm Mattison ’23, and Allie Rau ’23

“I also work in Development and love to hear other people talk about how we see people connecting to our mission and the most important parts of our work and fulfilling their aspirations. So I want us to continue to tell the stories from the perspective of the people who have received our services.” – Meg Dubois, CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund

“When you first start Community Action it can be overwhelming to meet so many new people and figure out the bus and how to get around and film for a video, but then you meet your community partners and build your own relationships and get out in Hartford. I really wish more people had this kind of experience early on in college.” -Reagan Flynn ’23

Public Allies CT: Creating a Just and Equitable Society and the Diverse Leadership to Sustain It

“I think they did a really nice job telling the story. Originally we just wanted to feature our partners but the way you all turned it around to feature the allies and they work that they do was really nice. Everybody, particularly the team, appreciated the work that you did.” – Shanee Ransom, Public Allies CT

Thank you to everyone who attended the Shareback Dinner! This is the third year that Community Action Gateway students have created videos for community partners. Check out videos from 2018 and 2017. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for the Community Action Gateway for 2020-21 or in partnering with Gateway (or other Trinity) students, contact Director Megan Faver Hartline