Announcing Community Learning Faculty Fellows for 2018-19

Photo: Professors Megan Brown (L) and Carol Clark (R) work with Trinity students (Michelle Treglia ’18, Grace Metry ’18, and Jillian Ramsay ’18) on posters based on their community learning projects.  

Please join the Community Learning program in celebrating the Trinity College faculty who will be part of the inaugural 2018-19 Community Learning Faculty Fellows program! This new program was created to support first- and second-year faculty in developing teaching connections with Hartford community partners. These faculty will meet four times throughout the year to to discuss and design a Community Learning component to be taught in one of their upcoming courses, considering issues such as ethics in community engagement, partnership development, and mutually beneficial projects as they prepare their courses. Each fellow also receives a $1,000 stipend.

This year’s faculty and courses include:

Arianne Bazilio, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Chemistry
CHEM/ENVS 230: Environmental Chemistry, Spring 2019
Arianne Bazilio’s “Environmental Chemistry” course will include an experiential lab component where students will have the opportunity to work with local leaders on water treatment and water quality monitoring projects.

El Hachemi Bouali, Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Science
ENVS: Environmental Geophysics and lab, Spring 2019
Students in El Hachemi Bouali’s course on “Environmental Geophysics” will gain hands-on, laboratory experience operating geophysical equipment, acquiring real data while conducting geophysical surveys, processing data, and interpreting their results.

Lauren Caldwell, Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Classics
LATN 203: Adv. Latin Grammar/Reading , Fall 2018
Students in Lauren Caldwell’s “Adv. Latin Grammar/Reading” course will use what they have learned in their Latin classroom to volunteer in the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy Middle School to teach a Latin and literacy program.

Kyle Evans, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
MATH 114: Judgment and Decision Making, Fall 2018
Kyle Evans’ “Judgment and Decision Making” course will engage students in the application of elementary mathematical analysis to various procedures by which societies and individuals make decisions, including through a community partnership project focused on gerrymandering.

Erin Frymire, Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric
RHET: Rhetorics of the Body and Activism, Fall 2019
Erin Frymire is developing a new “Rhetorics of the Body and Activism” course, which will combine classroom and community learning focusing on how people use their bodies in protest and activism.

Julie Gamble, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
URST: Geographies of Transportation, Spring 2019
Julie Gamble’s “Geographies of Transportation” course will introduce students to the spatial and social aspects of transportation in part through a community partnership project with local bus rapid transit and/or bicycling infrastructure programs in Hartford.

Nick Marino, Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric
RHET 320: Queer Rhetorics, Spring 2019
Students in Nick Marino’s “Queer Rhetorics” class will learn to rhetorically navigate key dialogues about gender and sexuality including how these debates influence research and knowledge creation in their majors, while collaboratively writing with a local non-profit organization serving the LGBTQ+ community in Hartford.

Rebecca Pappas, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance
THDN 270: Arts in Action, Fall 2018
In Rebecca Pappas’ “Arts in Action” course, students learn from both academic and local community contexts as they study how arts organizations engage public audiences, partnering with Hartford-area museums, theaters, music groups, and more to gain a broad understanding of how the arts are a part of their city.

Alyson Spurgas, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women & Gender Studies
SOCL 272: Social Movements, Fall 2018
Students in Alyson Spurgas’ “Social Movements” course will spend the semester considering how social and political movements, historically and today, are organized from the ground up, while also collaborating with community partners to see how movement-building happens in the real world.

Emily Yen, Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Studies
URST: Politics of Real Estate, Fall 2019
Students in Emily Yen’s “Politics of Real Estate” course will analyze the commodification of housing in Hartford and New York City, partnering with housing stakeholders in Hartford to learn more about how public policies shape gentrification and ghettoization.

To learn more about the Community Learning Faculty Fellows program, please visit our website or contact Community Learning Associate Director Megan Faver Hartline