The Director of the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) is Professor Jack Dougherty, whose appointment is from June 2018 to June 2020. During his past two decades as a faculty member in the Educational Studies Program, Jack and his students and community partners have collaborated with digital history, data visualization, and web writing to explore cities, suburbs, and schools in metropolitan Hartford. See his faculty profile and contact info.

Duties of the CHER Director:
Approved by the Dean of Faculty, in consultation with the Community Engagement Working Group, in June 2018.

The Director of the Center will:

1) Bring coherence to Trinity engagement with Hartford by coordinating relationships between Center program leaders, community partners, and students/staff/faculty, and promoting shared information and resources.

2) Manage the Center’s program leadership and staff, encourage their professional development, and champion their work both internally and externally.

3) Solidify long-term funding sources for key personnel affiliated with the Center, in collaboration with the Dean of Faculty.

4) Convene bi-weekly coordinating meetings with the Center’s program leaders, and conduct monthly review meetings with the Dean of Faculty, who will make all budgetary and staffing decisions.

5) Attend regular (bi-monthly) meetings with the Dean of the Center for Urban Global Studies convened by the Dean of the Faculty.

6) Connect the Center’s work with other divisions including Advancement, Communications, Community Relations, Enrollment and Student Success, with regular meetings with relevant VPs and staff.

7) Create a process for Trinity to systematically collect data and continually assess the quality of community engagement by students, staff, faculty, and the institution.

8) Act as lead contact and co-author for the Carnegie Community Engagement application due April 15th 2019, with the Dean of the Faculty authorizing data support from the Office of Analysis and Strategic Initiatives, Institutional Research, and Academic Assessment.

9) Lead the construction and maintenance of the Center’s webpage and regular digital newsletter, allowing constituents on and off campus to easily access and receive relevant information.