20th Annual Do-It Day!

On Saturday September 8th, hundreds of Trinity students spent their afternoons volunteering with Hartford community partners on a ton of projects. Some of the highlights included park cleanups, gardening with Knox, creating props for Night Fall, and home demolition with Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance.

“I really love working with Trinity students Do It Day really organizes students to get down to business, and particularly the women’s athletic teams are serious workers. We’ve had the lacrosse team, the crew team, and today we’ve got the hockey team. They really tear it up.” – Jack Hale ’70 and Board Member at the Church of the Good Shepherd

The women’s basketball team helped local artists and community leaders prepare for Night Fall, an annual production in Hartford featuring music, dance, theater, spoken word, costume, and Anne Cubberly’s signature giant puppets. This year’s Night Fall is Saturday October 6th, 2018 in Pope Park.

“Now I want to go see Night Fall so I can see my jewelry all put together during the show. I’ve never seen puppets or a show like this.”

I think we can call Do-It Day a major success! Keep up with us for more community service opportunities throughout the semester.